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uniset 0.3.1

CRAN release: 2022-03-27


  • An informative error message is displayed when a target package is trying to hand over values in an outdated manner. (The target package is probably using code from uniset versions < 0.3.0.)

uniset 0.3.0

CRAN release: 2022-03-25


  • Changed the way uniset is communicating with the target package so that the call to attach()is not required any more in the .onLoad() function of the target package. This is due to the fact that a call to attach() is throwing a note when running R-CMD-CHECK. And though the author believes the call to attach() was perfectly justified and correct in this case, it still made it impossible to get through the required checks.
    • For Developers: Please use uniset_getFiles() to obtain a fresh version of the files required in the target package and modify your functions accordingly. Please observe that the code generated by uniset for the .onLoad() function is not required any more.
  • Introduced a strategy to be able to run tests in the target package: By assigning a variable to .GlobalEnvin the test-code assign("get_settings_from_XXX_package_root", TRUE, pos=.GlobalEnv), (with XXXbeing the name of the package) the settings file from the package root instead of the user-defined settings file will be sourced.


  • Website now made with pkgdown

uniset 0.2.1

CRAN release: 2021-10-15

Second submission to CRAN submitted on 2021-10-12


  • User-space is not written into any more by default. Now there is a dedicated setup-function to be called by the user. Only this setup-function does write into user space according to the path provided by the user. System-setup and system-check is now completely separated.
  • .GlobalEnv is not written into any more. Instead, a separate object is created on the search path where all required environments reside.
  • Have an additional file ‘uniset_functions.R’ generated in the process of preparing the target package, containing custom-tailored functions to be used in functions defined in the target package.


  • Manuals (all return values now explained in detail);; description.
  • Examples: Only those examples that really can not be run stay wrapped in .
  • Various other details.

uniset 0.1.1

Initial submission to CRAN

Initial submission on 2021-10-01.