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As of uniset version 0.3.0 there are some functions included in the file ‘uniset_functions.R’ that enable the testing of the target package also on remote runners.

The problem with those remote runners is that, to the authors humble knowledge, it is not possible to source the settings.R file from a user-defined location, as the necessary system variable (Sys.getenv()) pointing to this user-defined location can not be set.

Therefore a set of functions is introduced to source the settings.R file from the root of the installed package instead of from the user-defined location in a test scenario.

For those functions to know that a test-script is being run, a specially named object has to be assigned to .GlobalEnv in the test-script. In our example the target package is named dogPack, and so the object would be assigned as follows:

assign("get_settings_from_dogPack_package_root", TRUE, pos=.GlobalEnv)

Please also observe the example in the file /dogPack/tests/testthat/test-dogPackFunc.R that was (possibly) copied before.