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Package uniset provides an easily accessible, user-friendly text file as settings-file for your R-package.


  • Package uniset enables any package (the ‘target package’) to provide its users an easily accessible, user-friendly and human readable text file where key=value pairs (used by functions defined in the target package) can be saved.
  • This settings file lives in a location defined by the user of the target package, and its user-defined values remain unchanged even when the author of the target package is introducing or deleting keys, or when the target package is updated or re-installed.
  • In order to enable the target package to make use of the functionality offered by package uniset, four files have to be exported by uniset and be placed into the target package.


Install release version from CRAN via


Or download from github:

install_github(repo="bpollner/uniset", ref="master")